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Twitter ads for your crypto project

Are you looking to grow your crypto leads and sales?

Our expert Twitter advertising team is here to help you take your crypto business project to the next level with our agency services and solutions. We offer bespoke Twitter advertising campaigns that will get you fast results!

Why advertise on Twitter ads?

Twitter is one of the biggest social media websites on the internet. In fact, it is believed that there are a whopping 328 million active users currently engaging in conversations, browsing trends, and firing out ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ on the platform.

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform in the crypto space. For example, there are 600,000 active users in the U.S. interested in crypto projects, most of them on Twitter platform.

Can you advertise crypto on Twitter?

However, starting from March of 2018, Twitter joined the cohort of platforms that have banned cryptocurrency advertising altogether.

Twitter cryptocurrency ads may be banned, but there are ways of placing relevant content on the network. Among the instruments that are banned globally for advertising are the following:

  • Payday loans
  • Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs
  • Token sales of any cryptocurrencies
  • NFT
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency wallets, or hot wallets

Though Twitter ads of cryptocurrency projects are restricted and there is virtually no way of convincing the network to rethink its policy even in light of the indulgences being handed out by some of the major search engines in this regard, there are still ways of placing Twitter crypto ads.

Airdrop Campaign
Benefits of Twitter Crypto Ads With Us
Twitter is a very complex platform, and many businesses fail to see results from their advertising campaigns. To ensure your business doesn’t suffer the same fate, you first need to understand what a quality Twitter ads campaign looks like. The following are the steps we take with every ads project on Twitter:
Target Strategy
Any quality advertising campaign has a solid strategy as a foundation. The one who knows your customer best is YOU, therefore starts by working closely with you to define the target audience. Then we define your ad campaign goals and how you can achieve them with paid ads on Twitter Ads.
Dedicated Account Manager
Each our client will work with a dedicated account manager who’s goal is to work with you to meet all the campaign goals and objectives.
Ad Creation
For any Twitter ad campaign to be successful, it’s ultimately down to the ad’s effectiveness to draw in users. We’ll ensure the ad has visual appeal and the right call to action in place. We also utilize three different Twitter ad types: promoted tweets, your promoted sites, and your promoted accounts.
Bid Optimisation
Optimizing the ad bid helps to maximize your overall spend. We will test the waters, ensure you’re receiving the right number of impressions for your budget, and continue to fine-tune the process.
Conversion Tracking
Conversion tracking is an integral part of the process. This lets us know the type of impact your ad is currently having on consumers. We can see if they’re visiting your website, entering their contact details for your newsletter, buying your products, etc..
Campaign Management
Once the previous details are factored in, we have all of the information we need to manage the campaign. If the ad is not performing to the expected level, for example, we can change up the strategy to ensure all objectives are ultimately met.
You’re never left out in the dark with the campaign. We produce detailed yet easy-to-understand reports, which let you know how the ad strategy is performing.

The most important thing is to consider your goals and what you're trying to achieve. Once you have established this, you need to be active and engaged with your sphere. Don't try to manipulate or spam your spaces — that will only lead to mistrust and resentment.

Our agency has a team of experienced social managers who can help you build a strong and authentic community in key spaces such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter. We know how to engage with your network of fans on their own level and how to keep them coming back for more.

A strong fanbase of coin advocates can be the turning point for your entire project. It might be what takes you from an unknown project to the top of CoinMarketCap.

A well-engaged community can:

  • Generate grassroots hype and organic marketing
  • Attract the attention of popular blockchain publications
  • Create social proof and build trust
  • Help you weather the storm during a bear market
  • Provide valuable feedback, insight and suggestions
  • Help your team to stay motivated
  • Allow you to gauge interest in new features or products

In short, a strong social movement can make or break your project. If you want your name to succeed, you need to focus on building an online network of advocates for your offering.

There are a few key channels that are essential for any community management strategy:

Telegram: This is one of the most popular channels for blockchain communities. Telegram is a great platform for real-time engagement and discussion. It is generally expected that your offering will have a Telegram channel.

Discord: Discord is another major chat application that is growing in popularity for communities of all kinds. Starting as a platform for gamers, it has now become a go-to channel of communication for blockchain projects and general interest groups.

Reddit: Reddit is a great platform for long-form discussion and engagement. There are many popular subreddits where you can post updates and articles and engage in discussion.

Twitter: Twitter is a great way to share updates and news with your communities. It's also a great platform for engaging with influencers and thought leaders in the space.

These are just a few of the most popular channels for blockchain communities. You can choose to focus your efforts on one or two of these, or you can try to cover all of them. It's up to you, but we recommend investing in Telegram and Discord community management at the very least.

The key to community building and engagement is to provide value. This can be in the form of news and updates, interesting discussions, helpful resources, or anything else that people find valuable. If you can provide value on a regular basis, your fans will stick around.

You also need to be active in your own space and make sure to respond to questions and comments. Be transparent and genuine — there is a lot of misinformation in the blockchain world, so it's important that your project fans can trust you to give them accurate information.

Finally, don't forget to have some fun! Your digital space should be a place where people enjoy spending their time. Plan events, games, and other activities to keep things interesting.

There are a few common mistakes that blockchain projects make when it comes to managing your communities:

Failing to plan: Managing communities requires planning and effort. If you don't put in the work, your forums, servers, and channels will quickly become inactive.

Trying to do too much: It's important to focus your efforts and not try to cover everything. It's better to have a strong presence on one or two platforms than to have a weak presence on all of them.

Ignoring the haters: There will always be people who are trying to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about your project. Don't engage with them, but don't ignore them completely either. Keep an eye on what they're saying and address any valid concerns that they bring up.

Failing to moderate: It's important to have a few moderators in your communities who can keep an eye on things and make sure that discussions stay on track. If you don't moderate your communities, it can quickly become a hotbed of spam and trolling.

Not having enough content: A big part of managing communities is providing value to your members. If you don't have enough content to keep them engaged, they will quickly become bored and move on.