Website & SEO Optimization

An attractive and original website explaining briefly and simply your project. Our team of developers will assist you in the creation of your website, whether it is a basic website or a more complex one. Our SEO specialist will work with you to optimize your website’s SEO, increase its traffic organically and much more. We offer inexpensive monthly subscriptions that allow you not to pay large amounts at once.


A “Minimum Viable Product” MVP, which can be directly linked to your website or a second website. It can also be an application/ dAPP that will help you demonstrate your product to a potential investor, and show him that the product is already working. Through our experience, we have noticed that a fundraising project has a great advantage in having an MVP even before seeking funding.

Whitepaper / Pitch Deck, One-Pager

A White-paper to explain your project in detail, between 20 and 40 pages. Our editor will take care of exposing the problems of the current market and how your product will solve them, while highlighting the added value of your project, with a design adapted to your graphic charter. A One-Pager is a 2 to 6 pages document that will summarize your Whitepaper for those who do not have the motivation to read the Whitepaper in its entirety, or who wish to have a first overview of the project before reading the Whitepaper. And a Pitch Deck, a ten-page document mainly reserved for potential investors, allowing them to quickly demonstrate the concept and interest of your project, and make them want to follow you!

Documents creation & translation

We also offer you the opportunity to translate your website or your various documents. Don’t limit yourself to your own language! If you have produced your materials in French, the translation into English will allow you to give an international aspect to your project, anyone in the world who speaks English can follow your project, and even invest. If you have produced your materials in English, you should know that there are more than 300 million Francophones around the world, and most of them only speak french. Translating your documents into French will allow you to reach this new technology target group. Our team is composed of several native French and bilingual in english, you can be sure that the translation will be done professionally and quickly.

Social Network & Content Strategy

We can also create the different social networks of your project and optimize its visual aspect, on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram and others. Then according to your needs, we’ll create a content strategy to reach as many people as possible, this can be in the creation of infographics, images, graphics, schedule posts over time to automate the process and much more.


Do you want to create a classic fundraising smart-contract or a more complex smart-contract to automate your business? Contact us today to discuss your project and get a quote.


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