It is important to define a marketing plan according to your objectives and determine several key factors such as your target, your audience, the characteristics of your product and their advantages, your environment, the means implemented, the analysis of results etc…. To do this, our marketing experts can help you to implement this plan or assist you in developing and monitoring the plan.


Our e-marketing experts offer you support on all aspects of your e-marketing campaign, web promotions, social media paid add, SEO optimization, traffic management and increase and much more.

Blockchain & Smart-Contrat implementation

Do you want to integrate a cryptocurrency payment method for your business? Are you wondering if using blockchain technology for your business could improve your company’s performance? Do you need a complex smart-contract for your fundraising or project? Contact us and our team can help you determine what is best for you!


You are going to create your own cryptocurrency but have doubts about the different aspects of your token? Our team will support you and define with you the best strategies to adopt according to your project, and the right functionalities to integrate.

International Strategy

Do you want to give your project an international dimension? Our team offers to assist you in creating the strategy to reach your target audience according to your objectives and needs.

Investor Relations

Would you like support to review your business plan and strategy to reach investors? Our team offers to support you on this specific point, and will try to make you benefit from its partner networks of VC, incubators and private investors.


Do you need advice to develop your community on social networks or turn it into customers? Our team offers to assist you in developing a strategy tailored to your needs.


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