An airdrop allows you to distribute a few tokens to participants, in exchange for certain promotional tasks to be performed for you. This is usually a subscription to all your social networks to boost your communities, but many other variants are possible! We propose to create a bot on telegram for an optimal user experience as well as a wide promotion on the leading airdrop channels, to ensure you a huge participation.


We propose to create your Bounty campaign according to your objectives, post it on the Bitcointalk forum by a legendary rank, which will increase confidence in the project. Then we will ensure a wide targeted promotion to ensure you a huge participation. Our Bounty managers will even take care of answering all the participants’ questions and managing the campaign from A to Z. (except token distribution)


This new method recently developed allows you to transform your followers into real fans. We propose to create a “Proof-of-community” campaign, a telegram bot for the user to reward a member of your community for any task. You can reward him with a few tokens for his commitment to you, for holding your tokens for a period of time, or ask them to do any task, much more complex than a Bounty or Airdrop ( reviewing your new product on Apple Store, asking them for their overall opinion on the project…) while increasing your community, as we will promote your campaign widely on our partner networks. You will have at your disposal a leaderboard allowing you to see, analyze and create everything to transform your followers into real fans.

Promotion in crypto-communities

In order to develop an organic community and get your project talked about to an ultra-targeted audience, we propose you to create informative messages in telegram groups, crypto Discord communities and others, in order to really engage the discussion on these communities and increase their interest in your project.

Forum Management & Boost

There are a lots of forums where many crypto enthusiasts share their passion and discover new projects every day. ( Example: Bitcointalk, CryptoFr…) We suggest to post for you an “Announcement thread” on these forums to briefly explain the project, while engaging the community and ensuring follow-up. (answer to questions, update of the thread, comment for each news etc….) We also offer several techniques in order to stay on the first page of the forum or to “hack” the forum algorithm to increase your visibility as much as possible.

Auto-community Management

Our developers offer you to create a telegram bot that will automatically and directly answer your users’ questions based on the keywords used and predefined in advance. We can add multiple features to increase user engagement, such as recurring quizzes about your project, deleting the spam messages or reward a user.

Real Community Management

To guarantee an optimal customer support and always more engage your users and transform them into real fans, we offer 4 community managers for your French or English Telegram community, who will ensure a good atmosphere within the group and answer more complex questions for prices that defy all competition. We can also offer you to manage other social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook etc…

Social Media Growth Hacking

You still don’t have enough and want your project to buzz on social networks? We offer a wide range of solutions to increase the engagement of your posts on social networks and increase the number of followers, including Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.


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