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Marketing & Communication Plan

Before carrying out your communication operations, it is important to write a marketing plan to define several parameters such as your audience, your target, your objectives, your estimated budget… Then a communication plan to achieve these objectives and reach your targets in the best way, while analyzing the feedback from the campaign.

Media Campaign

Our PR experts have taken care of creating low-cost custom media packaging, allowing all qualitative projects to appear on the largest news websites such as Forbes, Entrepreeur, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph and many more, bringing together several native, sponsored, Press Release, Interview and other kind of publications. We have also negotiated unbeatable prices with most of the popular media of the moment (crypto, finance, economics, tech) and also offer you single publications on more than 80 different media around the world. You can also choose the type of publication.

Advertising Banner Campaign

With our network of media partners and our PCLAB partner agency, we offer you to publish advertising banners (photos, animations, videos, giff…) on more than a hundred media and cryptocurrency platforms for maximum impressions and increased traffic to your website. We also offer several campaigns, payable in tokens!

Influencer Campaign

Do you want the biggest influencers to talk about your project and promote it to their community? Today, campaigns and partnerships with influencers are necessary parts of your communication plan. Some have crypto communities of more than 1 million people, and their help will bring you significant benefits. We can provide you with a list of key influencers who are willing to collaborate with you, and guide you according to your objectives, still with the best price of the market.

French Campaign

Our CEO and part of our team is French, it would have been a pity not to take advantage of this. Indeed, there are more than 300 million Francophones in the world, and most of them speak only French. In order to reach this target, we have developed specialized packages and offers to reach this target through different channels. ( Youtube channel, media, channel, forum and others).

Reputation Management

Malicious people have published a negative article about your project? A post on social networks, a video, an article or another? You can engage us and we will do our best to remove this content.

ICO Listing Website

It is possible to list your project on rating platforms of ICOs or IEOs. You can spend more than 20 minutes on a form to be listed on a single platform. Save time, and let us do it for you! Having already listed many projects on these platforms, we will do it optimally to guarantee you the best possible rating. We can list your project on 50 – 100 platforms of ICOs / IEOs. This technique will allow you to give additional exposure to your project, increase your SEO and more.


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